Come see why Dentistry Today ranks Dr Morin as one of the top CE providers in continuing education. You will learn how, with the proper training, CAD/CAM can make a big difference in your practice and in your life. Dr Morin will show you how to create a practice that will grow and prosper during challenging economic times, and how to take CAD/CAM technology to its maximum efficiency, allowing you to become more profitable in less time. Please see dates and times below and also feel free to check the Henry Schein web site at or

Digital Gateway
How to Make Digital Technology Profitable

An A to Z Guide from Digital Imaging to Conebeam, and all the Mills in between.

This lecture will encompass all facets of digital imaging, chairside milling, and conebeam integration. A How to Guide so a doctor can utilize these technologies to reach the pinnacle of their profession.

Why utilizing these technologies is no longer an “IF” but a “WHEN”. Demonstrating the importance of having these technologies from the eyes of the patients.

How the integration or CONNECTION of these technologies is so critical for success and peace of mind while operating a business in an ever-increasing competitive market.

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Lecture Series


March 10 – Seattle – Digital Gateway

March 17 – Chicago – Lasers/Fotona

March 24 – Buffalo 7th District – Digital Gateway

March 31 – San Diego – Digital Gateway

April 26 – Long Island – Digital Gateway

April 28 – Brooklyn, New York – Digital Gateway

May 5 – Columbus – Lasers/Fotona

May 19 – Fairfax, Virginia – Digital Gateway

June 2 – Atlanta – Lasers/Fotona

Aug 2 – Denver – Lasers/Fotona
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